Solid State SCSI in an LC 475 via PCD-60B Card Reader

The Macintosh LC 475. Now with solid state components for the hard drive. Reliable, check. Dependable, check. Awesome, heck yes! Inspired by a forum post over at the 68K Mac Liberation Army I decided to make my LC 475 silent(er). The LC 475 is a solid machine and I love to talk about it. With the old SCSI hard drive removed, it is much quieter although the fan needs a resistor on it to make it just that little more silenter.

Overall the process was rather smooth, started work on Christmas day (or eve, I can’t remember) and finished up a few days later. The Envoy Data PCD-60B worked a charm. I could not have done it without The Macintosh Garden which had the FWB Hard Disk Toolkit utility. This is great for partitioning the compact flash card I used via the PCMCIA -> Compact Flash adapter. 2GB of storage on a 1994 LC? I now have it all.

As always there plenty of photos in the photo gallery for an idea of how well it fits in.