Solid State SCSI in an LC 475 via PCD-60B Card Reader

The Macintosh LC 475. Now with solid state components for the hard drive. Reliable, yes. Dependable, yes. Awesome, heck yes! Inspired by this forum post over at the 68K Mac Liberation Army I decided to make my LC 475 silent(er). The LC 475 is a solid machine and I love to talk about it. With the old SCSI hard drive removed, it is much quieter although the fan needs a resistor on it to make it a little more silent.

Overall the process was rather smooth, started work on Christmas day (or eve, I can’t remember) and finished up a few days later. Could not have done it without The Macintosh Garden which had the FWB Hard Disk Toolkit utility. This is great for partitioning the compact flash card I used via the PCMCIA -> Compact Flash adapter. 2GB of storage on a 1994 LC? I now have it all.

As always there plenty of photos in the photo gallery for an idea of how well it fits in.