Shane’s Brains! MRI Scan – September 2023

We’re on day 25 of the neverending headache. The good news, however, is that I have been to a neurologist who prescribed some indometacin (US: indomethacin). Indometacin is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), much like naproxen or ibuprofen but even stronger.

I have been given a suspected diagnosis of hemicrania continua. “The cause of hemicrania continua is unknown.” – Well that’s probably not good. Interestingly, one of the diagnostic criteria of hemicrania continua is a complete response to therapeutic doses of indomethacin.

I am currently on 50mg indometacin in the morning and 50mg indometacin at night. I figured if I could get away with 2x 50mg, I’m better off than having 3x 50mg. These pills will destroy your stomach lining. Have I checked I still have the headache? Yes! I have missed a dose on at least one occasion and it’s definitely still there. Neck, back of eye socket and scalp start to tickle(?) and then turn to pain.

Another two months until I hear from the specialist. They were kind enough to give me another MRI (with contrast this time) and apparently if I wait until late October I can have it done for free with my Health Care Card that Centrelink won’t send out. Yes, I am still unemployed and burning through my savings. I mean they were for a future home, but maybe that’s just a pipe dream. Regardless of my upcoming homelessness, here’s the results of my MRI and I have to warn you they are quite mild.

Sagittal T1, axial T2/FLAIR, DWI ADC gradient sequences of the brain supplemented with coronal T2.

No midline shift is seen. No subdural fluid collection.
No Chiari I malformation. Corpus callosum is present.
No recent infarct.
Small to moderate sized cavum interpositum- normal variant.
Patent flow void of the Circle of Willis.
Mild-moderate patchy mucosal thickening of the ethmoid air cells noted bilaterally.
No recent intracranial hemorrhage.

No acute intracranial pathology detected.

I am just glad there is a way treat the symptoms. Well at least until the medication either doesn’t work or burns a hole through my stomach. Probably should check and update my lucky bingo card for 2023. Hmmmmm. Oh there it is! “Primary headache disorder” – ✅ 😅

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