Shane’s Brains! CT Scan – September 2023

After having a headache for nearly a week I figured I should get it checked out at the local GP. Thanks to having a somewhat decent health system in place, I had a CT scan just one hour later. Having a history in human biomedical science I did some looking about but couldn’t see anything that stuck out, well except for the big diagnostically irrelevant but neat looking, calcified falx cerebri.

The CT scans provided have two “modes”. Brain window and bone window. Above is brain window mode with better detail of the brain. The falx cerebri visible as bright white. After a quick anatomy refresher, the falx cerebri separates the left and right hemispheres at the very top of the brain. In my case it has turned to bone (via ossification/calcification) for whatever reason. Relatively rare but benign.

Next we have bone window mode, where you can see the bone detail but not so much the brain squiggly mush bits, I want to say spaghetti? The falx cerebri appears to be made of the same structure as the skull itself. But it doesn’t connect to the skull. Cool science!

Unfortunately, none of this helps my headache. To make matters worse, this headache doesn’t seem to be affected by ibuprofen, naproxen or paracetamol. I need to be doing other things in this down time but I can’t think straight for long before my head starts to hurt. Is it stress? Probably. My eye twitch disappeared just before this started… last Wednesday. 😅

I love pattern recognition though, is that a happy axolotl hiding in my vertebrae? A little less spooky than the other image with the eyeballs.

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