Sega Mega Drive II Repair to DC-in Power Socket

Another DC-in socket repair video for a Mega Drive 2? I know, I know. They are supposed to be so easy to fix… watch me find a secondary issue with this unit though. What a hassle! Got it working in the end, but it sure was a struggle. Anyone up for a gaming weekend of epic proportions? There’s still so much to be done, I need to process all my retro computer gear and decide what is to be kept and what is to be passed on or scrapped.

Enjoy the video, there’ll be more in the new year of course. Speaking of the new year, don’t forget to have a great new year everyone from everyone at!

And a big thanks to all the YouTubers who have subscribed to my channel. You give me the motivation to keep making videos. Well that and the fat pay cheque YouTube / Google will send me in around three years if you all enjoy the ads more :D. I know ads are bad. I hate them too. Be strong for me! 121 subscribers strong and 12,800 video views! Thanks to everyone! 🙂

Edit: No more ads! All monetisation disabled mid-2015!

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