IBM PS/2 Model 30 8086 with ISA XTIDE Card

This was a simple demo to make sure the XTIDE card works as I was having trouble with the Sega TeraDrive side getting it to recognise at all. The good news is that the card seems to work and I can access the 4GB Disk On Module (DOM) through the command prompt. Now to make it bootable and install it into the TeraDrive… progress!

The IBM PS/2 is destined for an original hard drive if it turned up in the next month. The seller was a bit dodgy and I think they forgot to charge me shipping, so who knows what will happen. Ordered two drives and a 5.25″ floppy drive while I was at it.

Edit: The seller never shipped me anything and by the time PayPal got involved it was too late. Scammers… dammit!

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