Great News, I’m Transgender!

Exactly one month ago, on the 18th October 2023, I came to the realisation that I am transgender. Two weeks later I had an appointment with an endocrinologist. And one week after that a prescription for estradiol valerate 6 mg a day. Thank you informed consent.

Gender identity is an interesting beast. It’s only a part of the puzzle that explains who I am as a person. If I hadn’t been questioning my sexuality I would have probably just kept going through the motions until I killed myself. Dark, right?

They did not teach this in school when I was younger, and until recently I hadn’t even considered the possibilities available to me.

For now at least, I can say that my gender identity is closer to that of a woman. My gender expression is somewhere in the middle as I transition. My sex assigned at birth is male and I’m attracted to femininity both romantically and sexually albeit in a grey-asexual fashion.

And while labels have their limits, see “orb/cone axis” above, they have helped me make sense of who I am. They have given me the confidence I needed to come to terms with who I am. Like Mark Orme, it would seem that my journey has only just begun. 🥳

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