Dell P190Sb LCD Monitor – The Heist

7th October 2023. Picture the date, picture the time. Walking along a major arterial road. Out of the corner of my eye, a monitor. E-waste? Maybe. Dumped? Definitely.

10th October 2023. It’s still there. There’s a nagging inside me that won’t go away.

16th October 2023. My god, no one is coming to claim this poor baby. It’s got a poop on it now. A plan must be put into action. The heist begins.

6th November 2023. Under the cover of darkness, Jon and I secure the monitor.

Later that same evening, a physical functional check is undertaken.

I never expected to see such a incredible function in my life time. For now I must rest from exhaustion from the sheer excitement of the heist.

8th November 2023. She cleaned up nicely. All of the marks were just surface scratches. Time to test the electronics.

Unbelievable, she works well. Dwarfing the 17″ HP monitor in the background with an extra two inches of raw monitor real estate. Burn-in tests are left to run overnight.

9th November 2023. Overnight testing is successful. She is moved into the bedroom for setup with a Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W.

10th November 2023. The Raspberry Pi proves to be too slow and RAM-limited to run LibreELEC successfully. Work arounds are attempted but ultimately failed. No speakers were a showstopper.

The monitor was delivered same day to a bearded man, who has since be able to utilise this incredible tech – even if I am unable. We made a toast and consumed a typical Katsu Jazz Friday meal. Between silences we remembered what once was and what will be. A powerful tale of the struggle, success, downfall and eventual rise of one rescued Dell P190Sb LCD monitor. 🖥️ 🥰

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