HTTP/0.9 Request and Other One-Liners

A quick look at HTTP requests on really old browsers. HTTP/0.9, or just HTTP, was a very simple one-line protocol. Mozilla has a great write up on it. It was interesting to try and get a modern day CDN – Cloudflare in my case, to play nice with browsers such as NCSA Mosaic which are now almost older than time itself.


Aren’t cicadas neat? I’ve got videos queued up for both my Shane McRetro and Super Nature World channels over the coming weeks or even months. However, due to cashflow issues owing to long-term unemployment, I’ll soon be forced to move to a location with no internet.

The rush is on to get as much video processed as possible and uploaded to YouTube. It also means that this website will temporarily cease to exist as it is self-hosted. New internet poses a bunch of potential issues too with CG-NAT. Perhaps Cloudflare’s Argo might be the answer to that? I’ll see if I can work out a temporary solution to at least put a maintenance/planned downtime notice up. Absolute worst case there is always 🙃

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