Canon 760D and PSIO Update

Well it looks like PSIO will be “Re-Available for Pre-Ordering March 1st 2016.” That’s only a couple of days away… and for once… it’s in Australian time zones! Woohoo! Not quite sure what the re-available bit is all about, that might have something to do with the 1st February pre-order release date I swear I saw on there before it flicked over to March. Either way, glad to see the project seeing the light of day.

In other news, I’ve picked up an expensive camera so I can now document more consoles and record even more videos. I also picked up a couple of IBM Model M keyboards, one with a black logo and one with a blue logo. Apparently, the blue logos were all manufactured by Lexmark and have drainage holes for any liquid spilt inside them. I did notice when giving them a good clean that the older of the two (1988) was liquid damaged but still functions A-OK! 🙂

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