The Amstrad Mega PC Plus Overview

Here we have some video of the Amstrad Mega PC, which has been upgraded to the Amstrad Mega PC Plus (or the Amstrad Mega “Plus”) by replacing the 386SX motherboard with a 486SLC motherboard. That’s right, all the instructions of a 486 with the raw processing power of a 386. Maybe that isn’t quite selling that right.

Image provided by
Image provided by

Above is what the Mega PC looks like without a Mega Drive inside it, a hideous beige box. Also known as the Amstrad PC7386SX80.

And here we have the wonderful, just-as-gorgeous-486-version, the Amstrad PC7486SLC. If only more of the Mega PC Plus would have seen the light of day I’m certain the world we live in would be a better place! 🙂

This unit has been sold to a friend in Japan (or back from Japan, depending on where he ended up) nearly two years ago. I hope it treats him well in the future! Farewell Amstrad Mega PC! 😀

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