Bifenthrin Insecticide Poisoning Lizards

I found this footage from April 2016 and wanted to get the word out about how bad this insecticide is for lizard life. While invertebrates *may* not feel pain, I have a feeling these poor little lizards do.

I wanted this video to show the effects of this insecticide to anyone looking for information on it – as I was after finding lizards twitching and stumbling around outside my house after the trees were sprayed to stop a bug from killing all the trees.

Pyrethroids are poisons that affect the electrical impulses in nerves, over-stimulating nerve cells causing tremors and eventually causing paralysis. Bifenthrin is classed as a type I pyrethroid and is less toxic to warm-blooded animals, such as mammals, than to cold-blooded animals, such as lizards.

Based on available data, bifenthrin has been classified as slightly toxic on an acute basis to terrestrial-phase amphibians and reptiles. The following video explains the mode of action for these pyrethroids.

I don’t think I’ll hire anyone to spray the garden for anything ever again.

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