XO 7-in-1 GameShark for Sega Saturn

Back in 2016 I sent across a funky GameShark cartridge for the Sega Saturn that came bundled with something or other. I didn’t have much use for it so I sent it on to Skyway1985 over in the US in exchange for some goodies of my own!

He has since been able to decode the settings (the manual was long lost). So here it is for all future visitors hunting down the XO 7-in-1 GameShark settings for the Sega Saturn. Or is it an 8-in-1 or a 1-in-8 since the 1 is flipped horizontally? Maybe it should be a 6-in-1 since it only has six different modes…

1. 1M RAM
2. 4M RAM
3. Action Replay w/ 1M RAM
4. Action Replay w/ 4M RAM
5. Action Replay
6. Action Replay w/ Direct Memory Access (DMA)

Additionally Skyway1985 writes “This is one of the rarest cheat devices for Sega Saturn, one of the few that have REAL built in power memory. It shows up in the bios. On top of that, it also has an indirect storage ram like every other GS or AR, so you have 2 memory banks to utilize. On direct from bios or indirectly through the cheat browser.” Thanks Skyway! 🙂

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