ASUS EeeBox B202: Disassembly & Reassembly

Not something I have anymore, but still a great informative video for those who need to pull their ASUS Eee Box B202 apart for whatever reason. Upgrade your RAM, hard drive, wireless card – the possibilities are endless!

One thought on “ASUS EeeBox B202: Disassembly & Reassembly”

  1. Very useful video.

    One thing that cheeses me off about this setup is how tricky it is to get apart.. I ended up braking several tabs but after a while I thought to myself to hell with it: let it break. My reason for opening her up was to add more RAM and again, what was ASUS thinking? All it needed was a requisite lid with a screw, but instead every used must crank the whole box open and take a lot more time, all in the hope they don’t damage something. Crazy. I’ve used several min-PC’s and most seem to open with screws and little else. I don’t see why ASUS made this one so problematic to open but I am leaning towards them doing it on purpose. Oh, and the next time I have to open her up..I’ll probably just leave the plastic casing in the bin.

    Thanks for providing this video, Sir. You have a good day 🙂

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