Mean Machines Sega – Mega-CD Preview VHS Tape

Here is a rip of a VHS tape from 1992 / 1993 brought to you by the Mean Machines Sega Magazine. Apologies for the stuttering sound at times. I guess VHS tapes just weren’t meant to last this long in perfect condition. The VHS tape box had this on it:

Sega Mega-CD Coming to a Mega Drive near you Early 1993.
Win an Incredible Sega Mega-CD! Details Inside.
Sega Mega-CD Brings You…
– 500 + Megabytes of real CD capacity
– REAL music,
– REAL voices,
– REAL sound effects.
– Can play audio CDs 68000 chips.
– Zooming, scaling and rotation. Nothing else moves, looks, plays or sounds like it.

Games previewed on this tape include: Night Trap, Sewer Shark, Make your own music video, Batman Returns and Cobra Command.

Coming soon to a Mega Drive near you in 1993.

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