Arcade Power Sticks for the Sega Mega Drive

A rather slow weekend. It was spent mainly looking through what I have and trying to determine what I will part with. I cleaned out a Sega Mega Drive Arcade Power Stick to sell. Cleaned up pretty well!

I then cleaned out a Mega Drive Arcade Power Stick II. Personally I prefer the original version. None of these fancy wigwams and levers, just simple big buttons. I’ve got another Sega licensed arcade stick. Will need to clean that another weekend.

Also ran into this green screen and rolling horizontal lines on one of my Mega Drive 1 units. This one was going to be modded, overclocked and hacked to pieces. Then I got this green screen. I could not shake it. What had me confused is that it worked fine for hours the day before. Removed all the EMI shielding and hooked in power and video – working fine. A short? Who knows! I reassembled and let it run for the rest of today with no issues. Ys III: Wanderers from Ys has some damn catchy tunes. I kept getting killed by bats though…

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