80kg Weight Loss Goal Achieved!


Look at that, I don’t need to slap a red line on this one, the goal line in green is more than enough to show I’ve hit my target at an average rate of 1.14kg per week for the past seven months. 35.4kg shed and my meals 30% tastier. (I miss you deep-fried potato chips). From 115.4kg to a mere 80kg in seven months and one week.


Dots, lots and lots of dots. Above is the six-month look back. I’ll update the blog with my current diet as of August in the next few hours. It’s quite interesting to see what 60% of an 8200kJ diet consists of. Most of the things are delicious, as in I could eat them every day!


Above is the last three months. Just remember that is an important thing, eating food that you want to eat, not sacrificing chicken for celery. No one wants to eat salad. If they do, there’s probably a screw loose or a crossed wire. Salad ain’t got no energy – well except maybe the dressing… so why not just have chicken with mayo? Peri-peri mayo that is.

Goal Achieved

Mission accomplished, now I have to get making and editing some YouTube videos like I promised! 🙂

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