Weight for it… Ha!


Not much happening here, but I did manage to find a much better looking graph on the Withings HealthMate website. Just figured you should enjoy it. Red line is where I am at currently, should see the trend (solid blue line) drop further and further as time goes on. At this rate, I should be the lightest I’ve been in probably close to a decade.

Only then will I be able to pull together enough energy to do some more YouTube videos. So many distractions in life currently. Did you see the online shop I’ve been tinkering with? Then I rebuilt this website a few times only to discover WordPress and the darknet/onion address no longer place nicely together.

Anyone want to buy a Canon MP610 or Epson something-or-other multifunction? Maybe save me the hassle of selling them? Nope? Didn’t think so… maybe once my to-do list has less than 32 items on it I’ll kick out something incredible. Stay tuned! 😀

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