Vegemite – Australia’s Birthright


Vegemite, it is in our blood. Too bad it’s owned by the multinational Mondelez… that aside, while recently expanding my palette to include foods such as salmon, lemons and garlic powder – ha! I’ve come across the following beast!


Salt reduced Vegemite. What really got my eye was not the salt reduction as my sodium intake is under the 2300mg upper limit, but the included vitamin B12. B12 is an important vitamin that I was lacking mid-last year. As you should know being awesome and reading my blog, B12 has a cobalt atom sitting in the middle of a very complex looking web / molecule. Very cool cobalt!



As you can see it’s got quite a few goodies in it per serve. It’s got more fibre, more energy, with newly added B6 and B12. This is great news, I wonder how it tastes? It’s hard to imagine Vegemite tasting anything but salty. We’ll know soon enough, stay tuned!

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