TrueNAS Tinkering

Sometime in October 2022 during RetroChallenge 2022/10 I started to tinker with TrueNAS Scale. I’ve been on the search for more storage for a while now. Well not more storage, but a way to store my data reliably. I learnt about magical things like ZFS, RAIDZ2, spinning rust, HPE MicroServer Gen8, modern hard drive error rates and more!

Fast-forward to today and I now have a cool mesh, 64 TB of storage with 32 TB of that being for redundancy. I might have an offsite backup or two. And who could forget the ryegrass in my kitchen along with the empty shell of a desiccated cicada (zoom!). That’s a story for another day. However, with the mesh we have seen a definite temperature drop in operating temperatures – see below!

The additional storage gives me space to breathe and sort out my data, which is something I haven’t been able to do for a long time. There’s plenty happening but I’m back on a five day week and it’s killing me. I think the problem is I can’t see any future where more of the same doesn’t continue. Maybe lizard has it all figured out can’t communicate it to us. Oh well at least the TrueNAS kicks ass! 🤷‍♀️

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