Toaplan’s Zero Wing Demo on the XRGB-mini Framemeister

All your base are belong to us. That’s right. Zero Wing on the Mega Drive. I am pretty bad at it, as you can see in the above videos. I did make it to stage two, which I have previously been unable to do. Thanks to the XRGB-mini Framemeister… I succeeded. The video after the break is probably the best one as I had the camera much better focused… my bad!

Also, I’ve ditched intros to videos to save on compressing the video multiple times over. Previously I’d have the raw camera copy, iMovie compresses it and then YouTube does what it sees fit to make it internet-ready. I probably should move up to better video editing software but I am yet to see any that works in such as easy was as iMovie. That said, iMovie has more bugs than a large rainforest. Enjoy the videos and stay tuned!

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