The ASSEMbler Games Archive

Assembler Games was a large part of my online presence in the 2010s and had a great bunch of people to converse with about retro hardware. For the history of Assembler Games, you can check out this archived link – History of

This was archived primarily by Nemesis when it was announced the forum was closing permanently. It has now been phoenixed on my little Raspberry Pi 4.

The search function is still being indexed so it might work if you are lucky. It’s rough around the edges but that’s OK. Google and Bing are frantically trying to index the sitemaps but they are also competing with GeoCities which has some 298,000 links found so far. As time goes by it should work a little better.

Obscure Gamers is a refuge for those who lost their home at Assembler Games all those years ago. Thank you Obscure Gamers!

And a big thank you to Nemesis and others for your work saving Assembler Games. Nemesis can be found at his highly accurate Sega Mega Drive emulator website.

Visit the archive at today!

P.S. If a link doesn’t work, try right clicking and opening in a new window. I don’t quite know how to fix that bug.