Super Nature World – Sweet Potato Attack

Earlier, I was processing some video footage from my Super Nature World YouTube channel and realised I recorded a slater, pill bug, potato bug, woodlouse, honestly, they have a million names- for over an hour while watching it feed.

This was a small potato bug that must have fallen into my bath during the day. This little one was trapped in a small droplet of water. I recovered it and popped it into a petri dish to rest. That’s when I learnt they can be called “potato bugs”.

A freshly rinsed sweet potato cube cut from a frozen sweet potato chip with two regular potato bits and we see who the clear favourite is. I hear you little buggo. I’d eat sweet potato all day too! 🍠

Watch the video at the top to enjoy watching this little bug enjoy the meal of a life time to some classical music that at times, actually fits the scene quite well. Potato bug was kept under observation until later that evening and was released into some moist leaf litter. Below is the 10x high speed version!

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