Stop Eating My Things!


I often wonder about people sometimes. Recently I’ve been thinking about why people take things that aren’t theirs. It’s theft. Are they brain damaged or inconsiderate? Who cares! Don’t open and drink my milk, don’t eat my bread and don’t you dare touch my McCain Pizza Pockets. There is nothing unreasonable about wanting your food not to be eaten by someone else. It’s your food, not theirs. They can go to the shops if they want their own food. If you think that’s unreasonable… well… I guess you are probably lacking common sense too.

At least now I have a hidden motion sensor camera in my room for those who lose their way and wander in here when I am not here. I should buy a bar fridge, but where the hell would I put it? There’s no room. I could never have a housemate again, there is always something wrong with them. The best housemate is the one you never see. Maybe it’s time I moved again… joy.

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