Sega Dreamcast Controller Function Checker Overview

This is one interesting piece of hardware. The ROM from the cartridge was dumped a couple of days ago (see the post just before this one) and indicated that even at version 2.00 it was from August 1998. The 27th November 1998 was the launch date of the Japanese Dreamcast with the rest of the world not receiving it until almost a year later.

Anyway, as you can see there’s quite a surprise inside with there being a later model Mega Drive / Genesis hiding away under the hood. I picked this up a few years back now and it’s just sat around collecting dust. Sadly it is a little too big to fit in my console collection cabinet as there’s a hard limit of 20cm depth and this baby is almost 30cm in depth.

I’ve also been informed by Durandal of Assembler Games that there is at least one other in existence. Perhaps it has the 1.00 firmware or maybe even a 0.xx firmware… 😉

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