Dreamcast Arcade Stick Checker Version 2.00 BIOS

At long last, the Dreamcast Arcade Stick Checker Version 2.00 BIOS is free of the black box it has been living in for the past twenty years. The hunt for 1.00 begins, and the betas? Will the search never end? In other news, I have some 4K videos of the HKT-0120 to process and upload as well as that big backlog of footage I never did anything with.

I don’t have any photos of the actual unit on hand, but you can see the same unit I own over at Sega Retro. Now we know it’s not really a Dreamcast Controller Function Checker but a Dreamcast Arcade Stick Checker. So very specific, so very beautiful. Grab the freshly dumped ROM here to hack around with!

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