Sakura Taisen: Episode 1 Live Stream

Today we take a look at Sakura Taisen for the Sega Saturn. We’re using an Open Source Scan Converter (OSSC) HDMI upscaler from RGB source with a peppering of scanlines (6%). Everyone needs more scanlines in their lives, a bit awkward on full motion video but what can you do!

This game has been recently (late 2019) been fan translated for the Saturn. I’ve always been a fan of the soundtracks which were released as box sets. They are fantastic! We’ve got Project Sakura Wars (Shin Sakura Taisen) on the way sometime soon – which just ads to the excitement.

Other great games like Final Fantasy VII are also been remade for modern consoles, I might need to finally install that PSIO from many years ago into my PlayStation 1!

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