PSIO Prototype 1.1 Game Demo: Mega Man Legends 1, 2 and Philosoma

I was really hoping for some Capcom kicking and punching in Mega Man Legends and for some shmup action in Philosoma – not today! These titles do not seem to work correctly on PSIO 1.1 prototype hardware. With 2.x hardware underway and having highly improved compatibility… I can’t wait!

Please remember that this a prototype device and does likely not reflect what the final hardware will be like. This includes compatibility with games as well.

You can hit up if you have any questions since I am but a mere tester, I do not understand the technology behind this wonderful invention.

PSIO Hardware Version: 1.1
PSIO Software Version: 1.1A
All tested on an SCPH-5502 with a missing CD deck.

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