Osborne Australia 486 DX-2 66MHz Overview

This is what it was all about. With the Creative CD-ROM functional, we now have a functional 486 in the household. The Amstrad Mega PC isn’t counted since it is more a 386SX on steroids, or a crippled 486… Take your pick!

So very… boxy.

Now that’s how you make a logo sticker!

Made in Australia, those were the days. You just cannot find that anymore! Not that we made anything better than anyone else… it’s more about the way things were built to be solid and last a decade or three.

Even with the guts out in the open, it still looks great!

Try and fill all those ports, look at them all! Onboard video and two serial ports!

Ohhh Micronics, now that’s a trustworthy brand! Uh ohhh… Another trip down my memory lane. Sure is crowded in here! 😉

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