OpenRA – Command & Conquer – Red Alert

Silos needed. I used to love Command & Conquer as a teenager. My Athlon 500 MHz sure did clock a few hours as did Andrew’s PC. While his PC wasn’t as fast as mine, it was my gateway to getting my own PC. Then came Red Alert 2 and the Yuri’s Revenge expansion. Such great game play.

While my PC of the time only had a PowerColor NVIDIA TNT2 M64 – it sure did kick Andrew’s onboard 2D graphics. I won’t say that my AMD Athlon FPU didn’t help… but his poor ~200 MHz Intel CPU stood no chance.

Regardless, it’s good to see these classics up and running, even if I keep getting attacked by flamethrower men and nuked by the AI. I don’t remember the nukes being that powerful in Red Alert 2, in Red Alert a single nuke took out my Mobile Construction Vehicle (MCV) – I couldn’t rebuild!

The ant missions! Wow! Takes me back to clicking on a speaker in-game! Geez that’s a long time ago. Thanks to all who have helped develop these over the years. I only came across it in the Ubuntu App Store while installing 18.04 onto one of my HPE MicroServers – a great find!

OpenRA can be found here. The content (Movies and Music) can be found here and where to put them can be found here.

Battle control terminated! 🥰

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