Forced Veganism Rethink

For the past three years I’ve been vegan. A junk food vegan. Processed foods have always been my friend. They’re cheap, full of energy and bad for you? Meatloaf had it right when he said two out of three ain’t bad.

I’ve dusted off my old cognitive dissonance from storage. I guess once your eyes are opened to the ethical “problems” of a modern society it becomes difficult to close them again. Suffering does seem to be a keystone of our society.

A major issue I face is lack of funds. I continue to bleed money being well into month four with no income outside of government welfare. Every week that passes a chunk of my savings disappears forever because our welfare doesn’t even cover rent. Won’t someone think of the landlords?

Failure to stem this bleeding will likely result in homelessness. This is the cost of living and it’s too damn high. So for now, I return to being a carnivore. I’ll still buy vegetarian or vegan when I can justify the cost, and I’ll cut down on meals and make smaller portions. This can also help me to lose weight back to the healthy range again, maybe.

But unfortunately for salmon, they are a very healthy meal. We are making them better for the environment. For a 5kg fish, at around a 60% yield. That’s 3kg of edible flesh. With 115g meal servings, that works out to be one entire salmon slaughtered every 27 meals.

Onward to the decline. 🫠

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