Collection Overview 28th October 2012

I’ll probably do these every 6-12 months depending on what has been achieved or if I shuffle things about or get more bookshelves… See if you can spot anything excellent in the photos. There are a few rarities in there.

6 thoughts on “Collection Overview 28th October 2012”

  1. Thanks! Nice Amiga by the way! Too bad you decided to sell, got any other cool retro gear that you might do some videos on? 😀

  2. Oh you need to get some videos of those things cranking along! Juko ST… weren’t they the fastest XT you could get? Rings a bell from over at Vintage Computer forums. I hope you are planning on doing some videos of them right? 😀 Would love to see the luggables in action too!

  3. Yes I believe the Juko NEC 8088 clones were the fastests XTs and mine has 1MB of RAM which is a lot for an XT. I uploaded a video of it. I’ll work on the luggables next. The Compaqs have their keyboard cables soldered on, so unlike my Juko, I’ll be able to do an interactive test. The hard drives are most likely going to give me trouble. I forgot to park them last time I shutdown and they have been moved since then. So good that we don’t have to park hard drives anymore!

  4. 1MB? You mean you actually have RAM beyond the 640KB?!?!? Makes my PS/2 look like an outdated if an XT can have more RAM!
    Parking hard drives… I am very happy that that was before my time playing around with PCs 😀
    Fingers crossed they are still 100% operational though!

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