August 2023 News

With August nearly out of the way, I thought I should do a quick post on what’s been happening. First up we have Bloodbourne (PS4 edition). I’m afraid to say I am terrible at it and it feels like it is running at 10 or 15fps – especially after being spoilt with PS5 games such as Horizon, Final Fantasy Crisis Core and others. So I’ve popped it into the bin.


That’s not to say I haven’t picked up the controller again. Thanks to Dr Kero I have been able to give both Blooodborne – Yes, yes. That means I didn’t put it in the bin… but Dr Kero has given me the gift of Final Fantasy XVI. That’s right, it 16, not 15. FFXV is actually in bin somewhere. That game was horrible. 🚮


FFXVI is right where it needs to be. The graphics are gorgeous and the story grows on you, slowly you uncover the secrets of… well, I’m not actually sure what the continent is called. But it’s engaging enough to play in large blocks before my brain starts to melt.

In other news, I’ve finally had my BA.4/5 bivalent COVID-19 shot. I had just missed out on BA.4/5 last time round and ended up with the BA.1 bivalent shot. But now I’ve got the latest at the time of writing. New ones are around the corner and apparently won’t have the original strain in them anymore.

Somehow I still haven’t had a rapid antigen come back positive for COVID yet. I believe it’s always better to have some protection rather than none. It reduces possibility of serious disease for yourself and others. Side effects were very mild this time. Just a sore arm, which is probably due to being stabbed… ha ha! 😆


Fatality! That’s a lizard skull and spine, would you look at those little teeth! I’m catching up on the Super Nature World backlog before we hit spring in… oh no, only five days? I should probably get back to that then! I still haven’t processed footage or Flicky and a whole heap of modem videos still to come on the main channel.

For those who follow me on various social media platforms – I have become more active on Reddit. I am now posting manually to the following platforms with each post update. Bluesky, Mastodon, Tumblr and Facebook. You’ll note Twitter has been X’ed.

But why manually post them to each platform? Well Jetpack Social now limits shares to 30 per month for free. So that’s getting removed from my WordPress install too. Facebook has been changed back to a profile instead of a “Page”. What exciting times! 😅

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