Amstrad Sega Mega PC Boot Failure (DOM HD Issues)

Sometimes it is good that things break. CityEscaper of YouTube asked if I could crack out my Mega PC and test it on some screens I have lying around my house. I found that it works OK on my Samsung LCD TV, but is a no-go on my (newer) Toshiba LCD TV. Works fine on my Viewsonic computer LCD from around 2004-2005 though.

Anyway, turns out my SSD / Disk On Module (DOM) was causing the machine to fail to boot up properly. What needed to be done? Why we needed to wind back the clock and join 1992 with a 107MB hard drive of course. So I’ve installed the hard drive that was in the Mega PC when I first got it a few months ago and it works a charm. Installed MS-DOS 6.22 alongside Windows 3.11 (WFW) with a touch of Calmira. Forgot to enable the CPU cache via BIOS… Must remember to enable that tomorrow, makes a huge difference on this 486SLC.

Also got a chance to pull apart the PSU and check out the internals. As you can see from the pictures above and below, it is in good shape. Also took down the details of the fan inside the PSU. It is far too noisy and likely needs to be replaced. The date stamp on it is 1992 after all… 60mm fan 12V wires straight onto the PSU. A nice easy repair/upgrade… one day!

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