Aiwa Mega-CD CSD-GM1 Game Unit Overview

A quick look inside the Aiwa Mega-CD CSD-GM1 Game Unit showing off all of the many capacitors and some damage near the rear of the unit. Not every day you get to see inside one of these. I’ve compared the two units I own and one is around 10-20 weeks newer than the other. I have designated the older unit to the 01-01 Aiwa Mega-CD unit and the newer unit to the 01-02 Aiwa Mega-CD unit.

Interestingly the two black capacitors that can be seen on the mainboard (I think they were 220uF) are blue Rubycons on the newer unit, which perhaps indicates that they had been replaced previously. Have a look at the photos in the gallery or the video above and be the judge. Maybe they just used black capacitors because it was all they had at the factory that day.

You can get the capacitor listing in full on the File Server. The battery used in these units is a VL2020 with a three prong connector. One for the negative terminal and two for the positive side of things. I seem to be having issues tracking down a suitable replacement. The search continues…

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