The Darknet Revisited

The darknet, what wonders exist there? Why checkout for your gateway into the lighter side of the darknet! Thanks to a free weekend (or two) I finally got the onion (tor) side of things running at 100% – on Debian Buster too! I picked up some cool v3 onions while I was at it!

Because who doesn’t like sonicmfly4cagomgelwtd4hkbsopuhkahfprcvk5hwvb5i2c2q6s7iqd.onion, mcretro4lov3ycyvikjdeer3dgl5wel5aer6xakj5mxa26a3qvrp22qd.onion or the classics like retro56qdosu3zuisr5tiuh7ihpn6owzpwjwvs7djlweiqb3mcspahyd.onion and frank666vaq7j5kt7ek62urayao3ovmeqr3kiwiulshu32hkseuamuyd.onion

Pretty neat overall. Helped me tidy up my vhosts too, they were a mess! And got my WordPress hooks fixed up for onion-ness. Hopefully we’ll have some videos up in the not too distant future too.


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