The Darknet (Day 36)

What a wonderful time to be alive. So much has been going on! Where to begin…

Well, maybe we’ll start off with a massive shoutout to SomeOrdinaryGamer on YouTube who came across the onion version of this very website. I am glad my “Hackers” references were picked up too! Not only that, SOG has 500,000 subscribers… as a result McRetro Gaming now has 400 new subscribers – welcome to all!

Now regarding the setup for the darknet, this website is sent out via Apache to both onion and clearnet ( The same files are hosted in the same place but Apache and tor is amazing to configure. Trial and error and sure enough, I found my way. I only set it up because I was curious as how it worked. It’s really quite clever! Domain name rental might be a thing of the past one day.

Uptime is sitting at a massive 36 days, more than ever before. This is all happening on the Raspberry Pi. Now there’s also the Raspberry Pi Zero. Incredible! Not suited much for a web server but incredible nonetheless!

We’ve also signed up Steve McRetro as a co-host on McRetro Gaming. I was kind of hoping to hear back from SuperNick as well, but it seems he has moved on to other projects! The video above is something like what live streams will be like. I’m even toying with the idea of doing some Retro Repairs via live stream… tempting! 🙂

For now, I’ve got about a weeks worth of sleep to catch up on, so I’ll see everyone when the PS4 returns home. It’s gone out for a walk!

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