Sega TeraDrive Model 2 XTIDE Boot Success

Victory! The Sega TeraDrive (Model 2) can now boot to the command prompt. Next stop is installing a full system of DOS 6.22 and Windows 3.11. Ever notice that 6.22 is DOUBLE that of 3.11? Accident? Conspiracy theorists book your flights, the forum is starting in six hours. The XTIDE card is an amazing piece of hardware and I’d like to thank the Vintage-Computer forums for giving the retrocomputing community the chance to have such a fantastic tool in our arsenal!

3 thoughts on “Sega TeraDrive Model 2 XTIDE Boot Success”

  1. Congratulations about succeeding in boot with XT-IDE card.
    I have Teradrive Model 3 and I’m searching for informations about replacing HDD with CF card. Meanwhile I happend to know XT-IDE and finally came to this site.
    My final target is to use CF card (for replacement of old HDD) along with sound card such as soundblaster.
    If you have any informations about this, could you recommend how to do it or could you give informations related with it?
    I heard that using soundblaster 16 with IDE and using custom bios will make it real. But I wonder how and where the custom bios should be installed. I tried to search this information but there seems only a few Teradrive users and few tried it.

    Best regards.

  2. The 16-bit Sound Blaster cards should all have sound output on the TeraDrives. The 16-bit part is mostly for the IDE / CD-ROM connector apparently. I do need to pull the TeraDrives out to install some 2GB Disk-On-Modules instead of the 4GB one I have in there at the moment, so I can give a few of my Sound Blaster 16-bit cards a go to see what happens. What’s your preferred game for me to test the music on them?

  3. Although using a CF card alongside XT-IDE would use up the one precious ISA slot available.
    Unless you can work out how to get the weird 8-bit hard drive interface to convert to CF… it would have to be one or the other.
    Got any links to the information on the custom BIOS?
    BIOS… that’s another thing I need to do, dump the BIOS! My to do list just keeps growing 🙂

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