Sega Dreamcast Hardware List

Here’s a listing of some of the known hardware part numbers of various Sega Dreamcast bits and pieces. List copied from ASSEMblergames. Thanks to Quzar and DreamCaster and everyone else who contributed!

These first models often appear simply as HKT-0x as opposed to HKT-0xy0

HKT-0100 - Sega Katana Development Box (general term for Katana Boxes)
HKT-0100 - Sega Katana Development Box (Set 5.00)
HKT-0110 - Sega Katana Development Box (Set 5.23)
HKT-0120 - Sega Katana Development Box (Set 5.24)
HKT-0200 - Sega Katana Controller Box 
HKT-0300 - Katana Midi Sound Box
HKT-0400 - Katana GD-Writer 
HKT-0500 - Cross Products Dreamcast GD-ROM Duplicator GD-X
HKT-0600 - GD-R
HKT-0700 - Sega Katana C1/C2 Checker
HKT-0900 - Sega Dreamcast SYSTEM-DISC2
HKT-1100 - Dev.Cas [670-13995A Serial S700S 990084]
HKT-1130 - dev.cas (SET 7)

HKT-2000 - Internet Starter Kit 
HKT-3000 - NTSC-J Dreamcast Initial Launch Version
HKT-3010 - NTSC-J Dreamcast
HKT-3020 - NTSC-U Dreamcast
HKT-3021 - NTSC-U Dreamcast Demo-Kiosk
HKT-3030 - PAL-E Dreamcast
HKT-4000 - Japanese Mini-Keyboard
HKT-4100 - 4x Memory Card (also for Sonic Team version)
HKT-4200 - Standard Mouse 
HKT-4300 - DreamKara
HKT-4301 - DreamKara (Sonic)
HKT-4400 - DORIMUKYASUTODORIMUWAIYA ? "Dream cast dream wire"
HKT-5000 - NTSC-J Dreamcast (no-MIL CD)
HKT-5010 - Dreamcast Asian Version (no modem)
HKT-5100 - Dreamcast Limited Edition (Pearl Blue, Black, etc.) ?
HKT-5900 - SEGAKARA @ Home ?
HKT-6300 - Seaman Special Dreamcast
HKT-6500 - Hello Kitty Dreamcast (with P or B appended based on color P(ink) B(lue))
HKT-6600 - Code Veronica Limited Edition Dreamcast (not sure which one)
HKT-6800 - Sakura Wars Dreamcast

HKT-7000 - Standard VMU
HKT-7001 - Godzilla VMU (possibly VMS)
HKT-7002 - VMS (Memory card, no screen)
HKT-7005 - MOSURADORIMUBATORU (software with Visual Memory)?
HKT-7006 - Gamera VMS (LE VMS)
HKT-7007 - VMU 
HKT-7007 - '-03' Aqua Blue VMU
HKT-7007 - '-16' Clear VMU 
HKT-7007 - '-18' SGGG LE VMU
HKT-7008 - '-01' "BOY super invention kit, crab break ASON" ?
HKT-7008 - '-02' "Giant Gram VMU"
HKT-7009 - '-01' US Blue VMU
HKT-7100 - Modem
HKT-7200 - Microphone
HKT-7300 - Arcade Stick
HKT-7400 - Racing Wheel (Japanese)
HKT-7430 - Racing Wheel
HKT-7500 - Twin Sticks
HKT-76xx - Keyboard (many models)
HKT-7620 - Keyboard (something)
HKT-7700 - Standard Dreamcast Controller (others have '-xx' appended)
HKT-7700 - '-01' Aqua Blue Controller
HKT-7700 - '-02' Lime Green Controller
HKT-7700 - '-03' Passion Pink Controller
HKT-7700 - '-04' Model 2000 (?) Controller
HKT-7700 - '-09' Clear Black (smoke) controller
HKT-7700 - '-18' Clear Controller
HKT-7700 - '-19' Sakura Wars Controller
HKT-7701 - Controller (?)
HKT-7800 - Lightgun
HKT-7801 - Dreamcast Cancer/gun (DORIMUKYASUTOGAN)?
HKT-7900 - A/V Stereo Cable
HKT-8000 - S-Video Cable
HKT-8100 - VGA Box 
HKT-8200 - Modular Extension cable (just a phone extension)
HKT-8300 - "Audio Cable", apparently just minijack cable
HKT-8500 - MOJURAKEBURU (RF Cable?) ?
HKT-8600 - Puru Puru Pack
HKT-8700 - Fishing Controller (PAL)
HKT-8701 - Tsuri Controller (Fishing) (JAP)
HKT-8820 - RF Adapter NTSC-M
HKT-8830 - RF adapter
HKT-9200 - MIDI cable 
HKT-9400 - Dreameye camera
HKT-9401 - Dreameye (white box, Sega standard style)
HKT-9402 - Dreameye (dreampark box)
HKT-9500 - Link Cable
HKT-9700 - Maracas
HKT-9800 - Dreameye microphone
HKT-9900 - Mouse

HIT-0300 - Sega LAN Adapter
HIT-0400 - BBA
HIT-0401 - BBA (Usually packaging is for US, but the hardware often still says 0400)
HIT-1000 - R7 Dreamcast

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