Sakura Taisen: Episode 4 Live Stream

The past three live streams have all had the audio stuttering and running at a higher pitch (or tone) than they should have been… whoops! Looks like the Inogeni USB capture device I am using had some quirks until I forced it to 1080p, down from 2160p (4K), in Mac OS. I had forgotten it had an app for controlling various things – there was even a firmware update! Yay!

There’s also a flickering present which could either be the Saturn mainboard, Saturn PSU or the OSSC. I was able to rule out the cable by using a cheap one from Amazon (or eBay), it was terribly unshielded and caused even more noise (audio AND video) than before. Given moving the cable around in the socket can cause the video to tint yellow, it could just be a dry solder joint. I should have a peek inside and see what is going on.

Technicalities aside, in this latest instalment we find the youngest of our troupe becoming a demolition expert! Yikes! A shorter chapter than normal, perhaps we’ll have some more next week! Stay tuned!

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