Miscellaneous TeraDrive Information

Teradrive various information secure

The story of becoming 486. The old log was uploaded to the data library with NDEV’s FDEVICE, and there was a story of 486 conversion in the fourth log. Specifically, you can remove the 286 of the main body, solder the PLCC socket, and put the 486 of Cyrix with the clock double speed circuit . There was information that there was another place to undertake remodelling.

Also, how to add an FDD (where the cable is integrated with the power supply, where to disconnect it), and how to display the CMOS setting menu by Ctrl + Alt + F1 . There are quite a lot of
useful free softwares , and it seems that FIBM has a ratio. SIMM is also MEMORY.EXE, and seems to be using 8MB. It doesn’t seem like it can be used a lot.


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