Maintenance Complete – User Is Online!

CG-NAT defeated! The Cloudflare Argo Tunnel works and has done so for about a week. However, due to the way the tech behind it all works…

…I might have inadvertently locked myself out, with help from botnets spamming my WordPress login page of course! No problem, it gave me a week to mull over options and find a better solution.

After finding some time to look at the settings, I can see why I was locked out. Cloudflare’s Argo Tunnel, cloudflared, hooks into my local network. So all login requests were showing the origin as an address on my local network, localhost.

Enter Cloudflare Access (again)! Using a one-time pin through Cloudflare offers security far superior to my existing freemium WordPress plugin. Reduced server load and less attack vectors? Yes please! This user is most definitely back online!

Now that this mess is sorted out I can get back to finding cool lizards in my backyard. Ahhh, it does beg the question, should I even be self-hosting on 4G home internet? No, probably not. Latency is through the roof and CG-NAT is annoying. Oh well! 💁‍♀️

Big thanks to Tim Smith and Jeremy – without their guidance I’d probably still be reading the Cloudflare documentation! 😅

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