Kdenlive and Ubuntu Budgie Remix 16.10

Well that video looks like a complete mess – let me explain! I’ve started to grow very fond of a particular flavour of Ubuntu 16.10. Specifically, Budgie Remix!

To me it is reminiscent of macOS and will likely be my go to distro as they seem to have a knack for knocking off UI design from the big guns – and they do it well. With just a little tweaking on my part, it all comes together and is just about as macOS as you can get in the Linux world without switching around your window manager and a billion other little bits and bobs.

How does this all relate to the terrible video above? That my friends, was created from scratch… including the webcam video footage, using nothing but my HP Stream 11″ laptop – the best AU$215 laptop I ever bought. Underpowered and in the confines of 2GB RAM with a terrible Intel GPU I was actually able to get it to do something – a marvellous feat in my opinion! It can pull down around 15 watts of power too at maximum and around half that when idle. Not too far off a Raspberry Pi really… yikes!

Anyway, Kdenlive is the video editor I was tinkering with and it looks to be quite a nice little editor. It’s no Final Cut Pro X, but it doesn’t have to be. FCPX wouldn’t have run on a laptop of those specs unless hell had frozen over of course. With that in mind though, let’s not forget how bad FCPX was at 10.0.0. At 10.3.0 it’s much more mature and less crashtacular. I’m sure that with hard work that gets put into Kdenlive we’ll see it reach a very nice level in the future. I shouldn’t really try to run it on such underpowered hardware too… 😉

All in all, this has opened up another door for me if I ever do jump across to the Linux world permanently. For now though I’m on my good friend macOS with my trusty MacBook Air (13-inch, Mid 2013). Stay tuned, we’ll have some wondrous videos up soon that will make you laugh, cry and moan about how it’s not quite retro gaming or retro repairs… it’s not my fault life gets too busy, is it? 🙂

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