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Ahhh yes, the about page. A staple of any well designed website. A glorious mess giving a glimpse into my past and where I might be headed in the future. Click a section below to activate!

Siren circa. mid-1990s My Internet History

The History of My Internet
Zap it here

“Zap it here”

After a decade or so of moving homepages I’ve decided this is where my internet home will be. I’ve had an online presence of one form or another as early as the mid-1990s. Born in the 80s and living for the 90s!

And what a time they were!
– Chatting on Mirabilis ICQ – Uh-oh!
– Blasting mp3s at 128kbps in Winamp 2.x.
– Mega Drive emulation through Genecyst / Kgen.
– Resuming downloads with GetRight when mum would pickup the phone.
– WS_FTP LE for uploading all my website code.
– Website creation with Sausage Software’s HotDog Professional.

This website is the spiritual successor to:
Sonic the Hedgehog Homepage
August 1994 – June 1997

Date stamps of Sunday 6th October 1996 at ~11:51am:
cap.jpg, caps.jpg, knuc.jpg, robutt.jpg, sal.jpg

Date stamps of Sunday 27th October 1996 at ~2:30pm:
slogo.gif, slogo.jpg, srun.gif, swalk.gif, trun.gif, twalk.gif, siern.gif.

Wayback machine shows these images were present on 10th June 1997.

Dates Recorded in ws_ftp.log are 94.08.03 16:51 -> 95.10.28 14:23
No slogo.gif / slogo.jpg nor any of the srun.gif, swalk.gif, trun.gif, twalk.gif.

Space / Planets Webpage
November 1996 – June 1997

Date stamps of Saturday 9th November 1996 at ~8:15pm:
mercury.gif, venus.gif, earth1.gif, mars.gif, jupiter.gif, saturn1.gif, uranus.gif, neptune.gif, pluto.gif, orbiter.gif.

Wayback machine also shows these images were present on 10th June 1997

Emulation Realm 124
February – April 1999

Referenced only by the parent site that housed it, no images survive... it lives on in memory.

The Glitch 9/9/99
Mid – Late 1999

Referenced only by the parent site that housed it, no images survive... it lives on in memory.

February 2012 – December 2014

RetroJunkie.net hosted an array of information, well... mainly YouTube videos. The bulk of it was imported into McRetro.net.

July 2015 – Present Day

This is what you see before you today, we've got a blog, an almost functioning photo gallery and YouTube channels.
Siren circa. mid-1990s About McRetro

About McRetro
Self Portrait of McRetro (1988)

“Self Portrait of McRetro (1988)”

Recently I realised that my gender identity aligns better with that of a woman. That makes me a transgender woman. I’ve got a lot of work to do. I still enjoy a relatively (junk-food) vegan lifestyle. I have two aloe vera plants that aren’t dead. I believe in quality over quantity of life.


Siren circa. mid-1990s Make Contact


You can reach me easily on either Bluesky or Tumblr.


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