The Hardware

I really do like collecting hardware. Over the years I had amassed far too much and have slowly sold it on to other folks. A few precious consoles I’ve held onto and they are documented below. These systems will soon be used rotation for my retrogaming needs – once they have had their capacitors replaced…


Fourth Generation – 16-bit / 32-bit


The first console released in the 16-bit era

NEC PC Engine
Model: Core Grafx
Serial: 08127263B
Addons: TerraOnion Super SD System 3 (Serial: C5D0B673)
RGB Ready: Yes


Blast processing

Sega Mega Drive
Model: 1
Serial: 88M10453
Mainboard: VA0
Addons: TerraOnion MegaSD, Mega-CD Karaoke (Serial: U20004129)
RGB Ready: No


Extra blast processing?

Sega Mega Drive
Model: 1
Serial: 88M19123
Mainboard: VA0
RGB Ready: No


40 titles worldwide!

Sega Super 32X
Model: 1
Serial: T41027329
RGB Ready: No


Mario this, Mario that… again!

Nintendo Super Famicom
Model: (check mainboard)
Addons: SD2SNES
RGB Ready: No


Fifth Generation – 32-bit / 64-bit

Segata Sanshiro!

Sega Saturn
Model: 2 (This is COOL)
Serial: B8F015896
RGB Ready: No


Mario this, Mario that!

Nintendo 64
Model: (check mainboard)
Addons: N64 EverDrive
RGB Ready: No


Do Not Underestimate the Power of PlayStation.

Sony Playstation
Model: SCPH-7502
Addons: PSIO
RGB Ready: No


Sixth Generation – 128-bit


Sega Dreamcast
Model: 1
Serial: DO970169417
Mainboard: VA1
Addons: Smokey Grey Case
RGB Ready: No



Tetris rules!

Nintendo Game Boy
Model: DMG-01
Serial: G37264642
Addons: EverDrive GB (V1.2)
RGB Ready: No


Wish list:
– Panasonic 3DO
– Philips CDi
– Sony PlayStation SCPH-1000 (NTSC-J)
– Sega Dreamcast VA0 (NTSC-J)
– Mother 2 with Translation Patch
– Sakura Wars with Translation Patch
– Shining Force III with Translation Patch