To the Moooooon!


Two servings (two tablespoons) of peanut butter have caused my energy intake to increase from 63% to 75%! A boost of protein and healthy fats… it was then I remembered I’ve been eating peri-peri mayo with my chicken each day. A bit of number crunching later and…


That bumps my food intake to 80%. So we’re getting mighty close to the 100% mark. Mayonnaise is great for increasing good fats (unsaturated fats) as it does nothing for protein or carbohydrates – both of which I needed to make a smaller chunk of the pie.


Sitting here at 78.9kg and feeling pretty healthy-BMI-ish, it’s good to be healthy. Health, health, health, etc. At least I get to eat nice food each day. Soon I’ll get to trade in my lunch time schnitzels for real quarter chickens, no more of that formed chicken for me!

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