Dumpster Diving Finds – December 2013


Here’s a video from a recent rubbish collection, I wish there had been more rubbish to go through – but at least I found some cool things to play with! … Continue reading

Console Collection Overview – 1st December 2013


There sure is a lot of stuff! I recorded this back in December 2013, before a large downsizing of the collection. A new update will have to be done … Continue reading

Teenage Engineering OP-1 Synthesiser Demo


Such music from an amazing piece of hardware. It’s not mine though… oh well… one can dream! Regular programming will be back shortly – just clearing the backlog of … Continue reading

Subscribe Today! (Version 3.0)


Welcome to the RetroJunkie YouTube Channel with your host Shane McRetro! Feel free to browse the selection of videos previously uploaded, there’s plenty! Drop by our sister channel McRetro Gaming … Continue reading

Sega Master System Converter II Pull Apart


A quick take apart of a Master System Converter 2… and… 1000 subscribers! Wow! Thanks for watching and subscribing! There’s plenty in the pipeline so stay tuned! … Continue reading

Pioneer LaserActive PAC-S1 EPROM BIOS Dump


A quick dump of the old BIOS, some issues were revealed with the actual dumping process… I need to inspect my GQ-4X as it seems to have some … Continue reading

Blue Spark Digital Microphone Disassembly


I picked up this microphone for Xtreme Retro Gaming, only to find it is a complete hunk of junk. The build quality is very poor. I ended up getting … Continue reading

A Quick Doughnut Fix: Behind the Scenes – Post Production


It’s tricky to make a video and this video show you just that. Remember the original video ran for around a minute, this is 16 minutes … Continue reading