Apple Macintosh LC 475 Modifications Overview

Here’s an overview of all the different modifications that have been done to my Apple LC 475. Now I just need to load it full of games and … Continue reading

Apple Macintosh LC 475 Tantalum Capacitor Replacement

Here’s the process of removing and installing the tantalum capacitors. They sure are a pretty good fit. I’ve used case size D instead of case size C. Size … Continue reading

Apple Macintosh LC 475 Slowing the Fan with a Resistor

Determining which resistor to use from a selection of four or so resistors from previous projects that I have either shelved or long forgotten.

Apple Macintosh LC 475 4GB Hitachi MicroDrives

A friend loaned me some 4GB MicroDrives to try with the LC 475… It hasn’t worked too well so far… If I had a USB reader … Continue reading

Apple Macintosh LC 475 Overclocking to 33MHz

The first video up is the mod itself, rejiggering some resistors around on the mainboard. reading