Sega Master System Converters on Sega TeraDrive

We didn’t have much luck with this. If anyone knows how it should be wired up feel free to leave a comment – I always read your … Continue reading

YM3438 on the Sega TeraDrive: Sonic Spinball Demo

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Cooking with McRetro: Creative Custard

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Blown Capacitors in a NetComm NP285 Turbo HomePlug

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The Weasel Skink Lizard: Up Close and Personal

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Aiwa Sega Mega-CD CSD-GM1 Tape Deck Test

Here we check the tape decks on unit 01 and unit 02. Sadly unit 02 is pretty bent upon a closer inspection and the motor PCB is snapped … Continue reading

Aiwa Mega-CD CSD-GM1 Volume Board Repair Attempt

This one didn’t have much luck, good thing I have since found another way to fix this board because honestly, volume control is important! In hindsight, I … Continue reading

Catastrophic Multimeter Failure with Aiwa Sega Mega-CD Updates

Is there anything I won’t put on video? Probably a few things, this is not one of them though. A minor discussion about the Aiwa with myself, … Continue reading