Preparing and Burning an EPROM for the Aiwa Mega-CD CSD-GM1 Game Unit

In this video, I blank and burn an EPROM using a dump I took of the BIOS from the Sega Aiwa Mega-CD. We also … Continue reading

Aiwa Sega Mega-CD CSD-GM1 Game Unit in Standalone Mode

You don’t need no stinkin’ boombox to play Mega Drive games, just a hacked up 5V 1A+ power supply. In fact, you could probably do it … Continue reading

Super Nintendo / SNES Cartridge Battery Holder Installation

Zip, zap and away! Just solder in a holder and… well mine didn’t have enough clearance, but maybe yours does! Good to bring the save game … Continue reading

Aiwa Mega-CD CSD-GM1 Unit-02 Mainboard Test – Includes Both Game Units

Since the rev 2 mainboard (02-01 board) is the only mainboard that has flow on power to the Game Unit section at the moment … Continue reading

Aiwa Mega-CD CSD-GM1 02-01 Rev 2 Mainboard Recap

Came across a few problems on this one, never fear there are always more parts on order. One day these units will shine with perfection. Well … Continue reading

Aiwa Sega Mega-CD CSD-GM1 Unit-01 Mainboard – More Caps

Discovered I was shipped a wrong value capacitor by Element 14. Same physical size, but not same electrical properties! Lucky I decided to bump it to 16V … Continue reading