Western Technologies Sega Dev Card Demo


Let us have a look at the Western Technologies Development Card functioning with a simple Sonic Binary file. Uploaded (they call it downloading) from the PC to the … Continue reading

Western Technologies Sega Dev Card Software Overview


This gives a peek at the software running behind the Western Technologies Development Card for uploading (they call it downloading) from the PC to the Mega Drive. … Continue reading

SNASM2 ISA Card on a Pentium-class Motherboard


Turns out the trick is to disable the internal cache through the BIOS, why? I have no idea! Any and all speculation is welcome in the comments.… Continue reading

Doom 1.666 Gravis UltraSound vs Sound Blaster 32 (AWE32 Based)


Credit goes out to ID Software for making such a great shooter! Also, my video card doesn’t seem to be doing such a good … Continue reading

SNASM2 Sega Mega-CD Emulation Card on a 486DX4 100MHz


More tinkering with the SNASM2 and Mega-CD emulation card while connected to the Mega-CD dev unit.… Continue reading

Sega SNASM2 and CD Emulation Cards with Gravis UltraSound


This video was more or less put together for my reference when trying to get some Sega Mega-CD dev cards working on a P3 800MHz … Continue reading

Apple MacBook Pro Heat Gun Repair (Mid 2007 / Early 2008)


Here we have a video of me bringing a 17″ MacBook Pro back to life. While not a permanent fix, it breathes some … Continue reading